Friday, March 2, 2012

A Blog Resurrected

This is a blog I wrote before that I decided to resurrect!
   Racism, sexism, homophobia and religion. All things that I have a passion for. I find it interesting that different people can have a passion for something, yet have completely different views. I, for one, am that free-thinking, outspoken, open-minded person that some people love to hate. Which is no surprise to me, as I feel that those who hate my opinions are naturally going to hate some of the things I have to say on each subject. I am fine with everyone having an opinion, but I am not fine with people pushing their beliefs on others. A recent incident at school got my gears turning and I figured the only way to sort out my feelings were to write them. I do not expect everyone, or anyone to agree with what I have to say and that is fine. I just have beliefs that I want to make clear. I welcome your opinions on this, but I will not leave one hate-filled statement in the comments section. Ah, yes the glory of the internet.
     Racism. Just the word itself brings tension to most who read or speak it. I am requesting that people leave their racist opinions to themselves and not speak them in my presence. I have no tolerance for racism and I refuse to have a debate with anyone who thinks that these views are acceptable. For those who think that racism is acceptable and a way of life can feel free to remove themselves from my page. No arguments, no questions, just hit delete. I recently did a study at school about people's views of different minority groups. The results made me sick. hundreds, upon hundreds of people who had a favorable opinion of all minority groups...until they were asked about Muslims. I felt sick to think about the number of my peers who had an unfavorable opinion about Muslims. We have a large Muslim population on our campus and I now have a sinking feeling in my stomach whenever I envision myself in their shoes. The part that I could not apply to any psychological program and get a straight answer led to religion. The majority of people that reported their disapproval with Muslim's, checked themselves as a strong minded Christian. That discussion will come later. For me to debate with someone on the issue of racism only fuels what I want to help diminish in my lifetime. So, therefore, I will no longer listen to it, as it is ridiculous and quite frankly makes me feel dumber. The only way racism is going to survive is to keep debating it. Therefore, I will not participate.
     Sexism. I like when people say that sexism does not exist any longer. It actually makes me laugh. I like to hear, "Women have just as many rights as men." We have those rights, yes, but how many women are able to climb the ladder to the top detouring past the rung full of the "good ole boys club? If we are that is great , but it comes with a price. In 2011, women still make a salary that is 77% of what men make. In a broader term, a man holding a job that pays $100,000 will normally pay a women $77,000. Am I am feminist? Absolutely. Two things I am not are a man-hater and a lesbian. Is there anything wrong with being a lesbian? Nope. That will come later, as well. These two terms are normally associated right off the bat with feminist. That is just a fact I wanted to share. Do I blame men? Nope. I blame society and the media. Before the Women's Rights Movement feminists were not seen as man-hating lesbians. They were seen as fighting for equal salaries, equal rights and fighting for the respect that we deserve. I will share with you something I personally dislike and causes me great anguish. My skin crawls when I see a woman state, "That sounds fun. I hope my husband "let's" me go." Really? "Let's" you go? You need permission from someone to do something that causes you enjoyment? I do feel this is a two-way street. I hear men say, "I hope my wife let's me go," as well. It is a small statement but packs a punch with me. I believe that there is a fine line between asking permission and discussing what you are going to do with your partner. Communication is a huge factor in creating a successful partnership, but can we eliminate the term "let"? Ugh.
     Homophobia. One of my favorite topics. I may not even have the agreements of my homosexual friends on this, but again, these are my opinions. I am pro-gay marriage, as if this isn't amazing clear already. Am I gay? Nope. Not right now. Which leads to my opinion. I always supported the belief that homosexuals were born that way. I do not fully disagree with this statement. I am still debating it in my own mind. I do know that I believe that some homosexuals do grown-up knowing that they are gay and continue that life-style until their death. Recently, I did a study on a personality theorist. He made me think. Our personalities are something that develops and changes throughout our lifetime. Why couldn't our sexual orientation change and develop as well? I have many friends who have changed sexual preferences throughout the years. We all know that person that was married, or in a relationship for years and then surprise! They decide they are gay! People say things like," How can you just decide you are gay?", or "I always knew they were gay." Maybe they did just decide they were gay! Maybe they have always been gay! Does it really matter? I have never felt oppressed because someone decided to be or not to be homosexual. I know that there are people that have been hurt in relationships where their partner has changed their sexual preference. I can tell you, as well, that I know far more couples who have suffered the demise of their relationship due to non-trust and merely just growing apart. I admire anyone who can step outside of what society expects from them and do what makes them happy. There are lots and lots of straight people who will never do that for themselves. So, for those that feel they have to express hate on a topic that they normally have never really researched or been a part of is far beyond me. "Open your mind and not your mouth."
     Religion. According to Merriam-Webster religion is "a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices." In American, if we hear someone say," He/she is really religious", we immediately associate that with Christianity. In the world there are 19 major religions. Branches of those religions are immeasurable. Why? Read the definition. A PERSONAL set of beliefs. So, when I have heard people say things to me about not being religious I have to disagree. I have made my own religion. My religion is based on non-judgement. I do not have to go to a church, or a sanctuary to be religious. So, am I against religion? Absolutely not. I do not define myself as any of the 19 major religions, but am I non-religious? No. Do I have a problem with people praying for me? Nope. That is their religion and I have mine. My personal religion reads this way: 1. I will not ever judge anyone until I have walked in their shoes. 2. I will be true to myself and my beliefs. 3. I will love and respect those that have love and respected me. 4. I will go above and beyond to help those that are less-fortunate. 5. I will educate myself to the best of my ability to be a more sound and powerful person in my society. 6. I will not hate. That pretty much sums it up. That is my religion. In going back to my study of minority groups, this is where I had a problem connecting two of the variables I studied. How can someone who participates in an all-loving religion, be it Christianity, Witchcraft, or whatever, form a hate on one group? I am just not able to support that. Does that make me a hater of any religious group? Nope. I DO, however find it very interesting. I do not HATE any religion. (See #6.) I am just very strong in how I feel about my personal opinions. I certainly do not believe that people of other religions are bad, or am I belittling them. There are many people that have nothing to believe in and I respect those that do. I do wish though, not to be judged on my views and beliefs as I do not beat down your door and judge you. I am very content with myself and my views. At the end of any given day, if I have fulfilled any of my six personal requirements, I believe I have successfully accomplished practicing religion. If it feels good for yourself to say a prayer for me, then do it. You then, have successfully accomplished your religion as well. Therefore, we are co-existing. What a concept.
   The whole purpose that I began writing this for was to express how I felt. I wanted to sort out my feelings, not only for myself, but so that my peers can understand me a little better, as well. I do not expect, or even want anyone to agree with me. That is what makes this country, so incredibly amazing. I do not have to agree with you and you do not have to agree with me. We can all go home at night and find different ways that made us self-fulfilled in our own experiences. I guess it all comes down to the cliche question that was once asked on a 1990's sitcom, "Can't we all just get along?" Basically, can you just do your thing and I will do mine?
     In conclusion, I hope that today you will do something to benefit our society. Whether it be speak out and support a just cause, make someone feel good about themselves with a simple compliment, or educate yourself to be a more productive member of our nation. Put down the hate weapons, take a breath and be thankful that you are alive. Be grateful for the people you have in your life and let them know it. And remember," Those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind."


  1. A thought provoking post, Scarlett. I have some thoughts (I know "big surprise"). I'll get back to ya shortly. ;-)

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